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11 August 2006 @ 02:40 pm
Une explication...  
So alors, Alice & Colin: A Tale in Two Parts is based loosely on events that occured upon my return to the Derbyshire wilderness having (at last) finished ye olde degree at St Andrews. It was, quite possibly, the day after my return home and Vati and I were in the process of housing various bags and boxes in an already overcrowded loft (I hasten to add NOT MY STUFF!). We were also under orders from Mutti to try and find my bro's Christening shawl (easier said than done). So I located it (go me!) despite Vati's conviction that it wasn't in the box I said it was (mwhahaha) and he duly trotted off down the ladder with the bag it was in leaving me in the loft.

Alas, the christening shawl wasn't the only thing in the bag. There was also a dress my Little Gran (maternal grandmother) had been making for me just before she died (I was 2 & a teeny bit at this point, a month before mon frère arrived) and Mutti had forgotten it was in there. I had never worn it because it upset Mutti too much and it had gone straight into the loft. On the other hand, it turned out that my Auntie A had finished the one she had been making for my cousin Johanna and she got to wear hers. 

Anyway, at some point between Vati going down the ladder and me deciding it was time to exit the loft my Vati had taken the ladder away, leaving me stranded in the loft. Thank you so much, Vati. Especially as he had also neglected to tell Mutti that it was in the study. I was (obvieusement) eventually rescued and lived to tell the tale. So did my bloody plot bunny... thank you, Charley.