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07 July 2006 @ 10:32 am
...alas, never did run smooth. Not even when Mr Right came on to the scene. But it all worked out eventually in the end.

1. Sam Burrows (1927-56). Sam the Man. Ahh, he was Lucy's manly elder brother in the army, and she was sweet 16, and they were both smitten for a few glorious days. Sam's affections lasted longer though, two years later deciding she was The One but he took her rejection in his stride... or so we thought. Poor Sam then fell into an ill-fated on-off relationship with one Kathie Ferrars during her time at university with Lucy.

2. Matthew Holmes (1929-). Matt the prat. Matt the rat. And he seemed so nice. Rich, handsome and suave as buggery, came along and swept Sharlie off her feet but she could never quite shake the niggling feeling that she wasn't quite good enough for him. Turns out that Toxic Boy had gone out with her for a bet and she wasn't the only one he was sweeping off their feet... Tash caught him draped over a friend of Trixie's from school so Sharlie dumped him, unaware of the little present she'd been left with as a reminer of Toxic Boy. Trixie said the only way forward was an abortion, Sharlie wasn't so sure but was heartbroken when the decision was taken out of her hands and she miscarried.

3. Will Macintosh (1929-). Trixie's big brother, Matt-the-pratt's former friend. It had been Will who had laid the bet with Matt-the-pratt but soon wished he hadn't, the guilty conscience was getting to him. That and Will, usually just out for fun, had slowly come to realise that he had fallen for Sharlie. He plucked up the courage to ask her out one hungover morning and they both agreed it would be a Bit Of Fun during their final years at university. Except Will wanted a bit more than that and was a bit miffed when Sharlie went off to Switzerland without so much as a backward glance.

4. Colin Graham (1928-) - or Coollynne as Alberta-the-coot-fluffy-plot-bunneh renamed him after she informed me that she didn't like the name Colin. They met in slightly unusual circs and Sharlie would always blame Kathie Ferrars, but she does remain rather grateful that her friend got sidetracked whilst they were larking about in Liverpool one afternoon during the Christmas holidays after Kathie's first term. Kathie's attention had been caught by the photographer's shop window, Sharlie coming back to see why her pal was dawdling saw one picture that she knew rather well. It was of her (see inaugrual postage). Kathie decided it was fate and shoved Sharlie into the shop before she could protest and that was how she met Colin - his father, Rupert, had taken that picture. It took them a year to come to their senses and get together and it all looked rosy, especially when Colin proposed at Christmas 1955. Alas, it was all going too well.

5. Sam came back. Sort of. Turning up at the CS out of the blue & demanded Sharlie's attentions for the weekend. Ulp. He was ill, dying in fact and wanted someone to give him the chance to be a father. He'd always been in love with Sharlie and it seemed the logical choice. Except she said no, how could she when she was going to marry Colin? Sam didn't seem to think it was that important and didn't take that answer at all well. After a short fight, he ran off and was found dead at Lake Somewhere-or-another, either drowned or he'd shot himself (I'm never sure which). Feeling terrible about events, Sharlie broke off the engageement with Colin.

6. And that was a bit of a mistake really and slowly she came to realise it, twelve months later steeling herself to make an apology and ask for a second chance, Caroline dropped it into casual conversation that he had taken someone else out for dinner and popped into the shop to see her friend who worked in there leaving Sharlie to mind Sarah and Jack for a moment. But it only takes a moment and Jack had dashed out into the road... Sharlie dashed out to fetch him back and managed to trip over her shoelace and wound up in hospital where Becca blackmailed her into letting Colin visit. Just as well her big sister had some sense really. It didn't take them long to make up for lost time, getting engaged again the Christmas of 1958 with plans to marry that summer. Peggy Burnett put a spanner in those works and Colin and Sharlie decided to delay their wedding until the following summer, getting their happy ending at long last in the summer of 1960. Hurrah!
06 July 2006 @ 02:16 pm
Don't ask why I've decided that all my titles ought to be in French. It's just best not to :) So, la famille Andrews.

David (190?-40) & Janet (190?-43) Andrews

1. Rebecca Mary (1929-) m. Philip Haughton (192?-)
(a) Sarah Janet (1949-) m. Spencer Wilson (194?-)
(i)Philippa (Pippa) Claire (1980-)
(b) John (Jack) (1952-) m. Abigail Leighton (195?-)
(i) Francesca Jane (1981-)
(c) Claire Eileen (1955-1970)
(d) William Henry (1959-)
(e) Johanna mary (1965-)

2. Charlotte Louise (1930-) m. Colin Rupert Graham (1928-)
(a) Alice Kathleen (1961-)
(b) Luke George (1963-)
(c) Amelia Lucy (1965-)
(d) Sophie Patricia (1965-)
(e) Rupert Colin (1969-)

3. Elizabeth Jane (1931-) m. James Watts (1929-)
(a) Peter Michael (1957-)
(b) Mark Jonathan (1959-)
(c) Simon James (1962-)

4. Harriet Anne (1932-) m. Dr Martin Fitpatrick (1928-)
(a) Daniel Robert (1958-)
(b) Juliet Bridget (1960-)
(c) Constance Harriet (1964-)

5. Bridget (1934-43)
6. George (1935-6/7)

Caroline (190?-40) & Charles (190?-53) Robbins

1. David Charles m. Louise Miller
(a) Jessica Caroline (1959-) m. Edmund Long (1958-)
(b) Clover Jane (1962-)
(c) Niamh Winifred (1965-)
(d) Amy Natalie (1968-)
(e) Charles David (1972-)

2. Caroline Mary (1940-) m. Lewis Skipton (1940-)
(a) Philip Stephen (1968-)
(b) Julie Caroline (1971-)
06 July 2006 @ 08:43 am
Moving on swiftly... This is the part where having an incomplete collection is somewhat of a hindrance. Bah. Well, see I knew she was in Genius but couldn't remember about Mary-Lou for the life of me and being stranded in the wilds of St Andrews with all my CS books in the Derbyshire wilderness. Cue madpanicaargh e-mail to Alberta-the-coot-fluffy-plot-bunneh asking her to consult the A-Z. She may not have been in Mary-Lou but buggrit she was in Kenya and I didn't have that one. So I debated pleading ignorance, but certain people had other ideas and, after running away to Germany post SH January exams for a holiday I returned to a parcel of Kenya as a cheering up present because Christmas term had been merde and the run up to exams not much better. So on to the dramatis personae...

1. Biddy O'Ryan, I don't think she needs much introduction, does she? So, move 'em on...

2. Peggy Burnett (192?-60). PT mistress Peggy was Sharlie's escort to the Gornetz Platz her first term. Seemingly married to the job, despite sister Mary's best efforts to set Peggy up with any Eligible Young Men that she knew ;) Peggy's protests that she wasn't having any of it were soon silenced when she met Simon Harper, a Very Nice Young Man Indeed. Not a doctor, I think he may have been an accountant or something, but he managed to bowl Peggy over and whisked her away to marry her in 1959, their happiness completed when Peggy found out she was pregnant shortly afterwards... well, until she died when the twins, Mary (Molly) and Jonathan (Jonno) were born in 1960. Oops?

3. Nancy Wilmot (192?-67). Ahh, Nancy, she of the murky and mysterious past. She admitted that her relationship history was a little experimental after copious amounts of alochol one night but wouldn't quite admit that she had fallen flat on her face for Kathie Ferrars, even going so far as to date the thorougly dull and boring Miles to avoid confessing her true feelings. Fortunately Miles didn't last long and Nancy & Kathie eventually sorted themselves out and lived happily ever after. Ish. There was the drunken revelation that Nancy had been married during the War - it had been a rush affair in the run up to D-Day, neither of them entirely sure what was going on and not convinced that they would ever see each other again... It was a bit of ye olde shocke when Harry did come back from the War. They tried being married for a bit before deciding that it really was Not Working At All hence Nancy ending up in Switzerland. She'd also suffered from kidney failure during the War and when the other one followed suit in 1967 she tried dialysis for a bit before deciding it wasn't working out and refused further treatment, only she didn't tell everyone else until it was too late to change her mind...

4. Kathie Ferrars (1930-). The incorrigible Kathie Ferrars, the flighty, flirty life & soul of the party, first crossed Sharlie's path during their university days - Kathie was at St Hilda's, Oxford with Lucy.  Mind you it took the pair of them a while for the penny to drop that that was how they knew each other... So, having exhausted more than her fair share of Eligible Bachelors, Kathie decided it wasn't her thing and switched sides eventually confessing that she had fallen headlong for Nancy Wilmot. With neither of them admitting to it, and Nancy going off with the entirely unsuitable Miles at a party, Kathie decided to give Nancy a taste of her own medicine and disappeared with one equally unsuitable Piers, the dalliance resulting in a little consequence... and a termination. But it ended happily when the following term Kathie and Nancy came to their senses and got their happy ending, well until Nancy died anyway. Upset would be an understatement, Kathie left the CS and ran away to London where the streets are paved with all sorts (not of the licquorice variety). She met Leo there, and they were "two lonely people who just needed a little love". Well, quite. But neither of them banked on Kathie getting pregnant. I think "oops" is the word I'm looking for. Both Kathie and Leo knew that things were Not Going To Work between them and Leo said the baby's fate rested with her, but he would support whatever decision she made. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but Lottie (1969-) is quite happy with her Auntie Sharlie & Uncle Colin, managing to see her parents regularly.
05 July 2006 @ 02:33 pm
Donc, moving on swiftly, it came to pass that, at the age of 19, Sharlie went off adventuring to univeristy in London to do her teacher training for two years. Ish. And there came across:

1. Trxie Macintosh (1930-). Hurrah for Trxie, the long suffering roommate because she was really quite wonderful. A lot like Tish in many ways. Trixie had a heart of gold that she wore quite prominently on her sleeve, bless her. She read history but being rather monied had no particular career-life plan and upon graduating married a Nice Young Man, Paul Markham and lived happily ever after creating four mini-Markhams on the way: Christopher (1954-), Catherine (1957-), Edward (1960-) & Susanna (1963-). Christopher is married to his university sweetheart, Suzanne.

2. Tash Miller (1930-). The English Lit student from down the corridor. Really more Trixie's friend. Went off into the world of work for a bit after university but met & fell in love with Paul's best man, Josh Clarke, at Trixie and Paul's wedding. They ended up getting married, living happily ever after and procreating in the form of Andrew (1959-), Poppy (1962-) & Freddie (1963-). Poppy is dating Edward Markham - watch out for the wedding bells!

3. Lily Beth Brooke-Weston (1930-). ahh yes, she fell a bit by the wayside after a while (okay, yes, I got bored of her). Trixie's fellow historian who ended up dating Trixie's brother's friend and flatmate, Martin Longfellow. But their path of true love never did run smooth and they broke up for a Very Long Time only to meet again in the early '60s, have a whirlwind romance, realise what a mistake they'd made (awwwww). Offspring: George (1962-), Stephen (1965-) & Laura (1966-).

4. Dr Esther Clayton (later Clayton-Stewart, 1908-75), Sharlie's course leader with a Past. Born in germany to Jewish parents, Esther would spend two years in Belsen before returning to her father's home country (using his name rather than her married name) to find her children (Sara & Friedrich) whom she had managed to get out of Germany on a Kindertransport. The Holoaust had claimed her family, with the exception of her sister Rebekka, and Friedrich had died (pneumonia?) during the war. She was to later marry Prof Robert Stewart (190?-78).

5. Sara Moñtanex (née Clayton, 1930-). Esther's daughter, ModLangs graduate, former translator, married Spaniard-in-exile Pedro Moñtanez. Offspring: Soledad (1959-), Pablo (1965-) & Carlos (1964-).

In a hurrah for Tish moment, following Sharlie's rather dreaful first year (the path of true love never did run smooth) Tish's parents whisked the two of them and Lucy off to the continent for a month. Hurrah! And thus Julia & Anna were to enter the story.

6. Julia (probably surnameless, 1927-). German Jewish, fled to France during the 1930s to escape Nazi persecution & wound up in Grenoble. managed to survive the war in hiding & working with the Jewish resistance, sadly her fmaily didn't share her fate. She and Sharlie met when the merry exploring party stayed at the hotel in Grenoble where Julia worked and the two became friends. Julia married Michel Leroux and mothered Charlotte (1953-) & Anna-Claire (1958-).

7. Anna (also probably surnameless, 1927-). As Julia, German Jewish, fled to France (Grenoble) in the 1930s where she met Julia and the two became firm friends. Not as lucky as Julia, Anna spent the best part of two years in the camps - Belsen & later Auschwitz. She later married Guillaume Leclerc, a former member of the resistance who had been arrested for his activities but somehow managed to escape. Unable to have children of their own, Anna & Guillaume adopted Sara in 1958.
05 July 2006 @ 09:45 am
Alors, so by the time young Sharlie makes her way into the world in 1930 we have Janet and David married but not quite living happily ever after. So the 1930s are a bit crap, in many senses and not in some. David is the bone of contention, bored I think is the adjective I'm looking for, and not overly interested in his growing brood of girls. George (the token boy) a somewhat more appealing prospect, well until he goes off and dies anyway. But then Sharlie's ("the clever one") teachers think she's smart enough to try for a scholarship... David thinks it's a really rather fabbity bon idea, Janet and Nan are completely opposed to it and things aren't quite looking rosy.

Until the War. David and Uncle Charlie went off to fight leaving behind a pregnant Aunt Carol and a Janet who didn't think the children needed to be evacuated. At least not yet. She changed her tune after Aunt Carol died though and the whole lot of them were packed off to deepest darkest Wales to live out the War. It was only when David was killed in action (Dunkirk) that Janet came round to the fact that Sharlie ought to sit for her scholarship. So she did and St Monica's in Cornwall (okay, yes Malory Towers inspired me *g*) beckoned...

1. Tish (who I don't think I ever gave a surname to, 1930-). Hurrah for Tish! The mad one, the bonkers one, the form joker and clown. Needless to say she was a bit put out when Sharlie was shoved into her care on Bristol station, having to sheepdog someone slightly but a damper on Tish's high spirits. Not that she could be kept down for long and the two soon became firm friends. Always one to slide by doing the absolute minimum, Tish eventually decided that she wanted to become a PT mistress and knuckled down to ensure she got her coveted place at Bedford. Declaring that she would never get married she went off to teach in Manchester and there met Peter Wallace who made an honest woman of her. And provided the world with three more children - Ben (b. 1963), Tessie (b. 1965) & Mike (b.1967).

2. Lucy Burrows (1930-). So-serious and hard working Lucy was the one who kept Tish's feet on the ground and made sure she got all her prep finished and in on time. She was the exceptionally bright one of the set who breezed into Oxford to read for her BA in history (where she met the incorrigible Kathie Ferrars), following that up with an MA and then a PhD. She defected to Cambridge in 1965 to lecture at the newly established Lucy Cavendish College. And there was a little reason for that beyond the work side of things. Lucy who everyone thought to be married to her work was in lurve, with Christian Lennox who got her down the aisle in 1966. Hannah (b.1968) was somewhat of an accident and a bit of a shock to the two academics whose brains were never quite on this planet...

3. Nicole Rafter (1930-64). The creative and dreamy one, destined to become a new JMM (or not, but something vaguely similar anyway) once she had got her degree in English. It didn't quite go to plan though when Nicole's father's job moved him to Australia and he insisted on Nicole going with him. Despite her protests, when her parents returned to England a few years later Nicole was the one who stayed behind. But losing one of her closest friends brought her back and Nicole was the one who got guardianship of Samantha. She found her soulmate in Lawrie Jenkinson and they married in 1956 much to Samantha's delight. After a series of miscarriages, Louisa arrived for the happy couple in 1960. Nicole was only too aware of the risks involved in her having another child and both she and the child (Mary) she had been carrying died in 1964.

4. Annie Sinclair (1930-54). The one of the five who never quite fitted properly. Annie was just Annie, the first one to leave school, get married, and have a baby. Her father had been killed in Africa in the war and her mother had been rather clingy as a result. Annie's life plan involved looking after her mother, getting married, and providing grandchildren - all of which she achieved, marrying Mark Littleton in 1949 and giving birth to Samantha in January 1951. It all seemed swell, until Annie and mark suddenly died as the result of a road accident in 1954.

5. Samantha Littleton (1951-), for I feel she deserves her own entry. Samantha didn't have the best start to life, losing her parents so young, being sent to her grandmother's - the grandmother who wasn't coping with losing her daughter and died shortly afterwards. Nicole stepped into the breach and became Samantha's guardian until her death in 1964. Nobody was quite sure how it would go for samantha after that, Lucy was willing to take her on but in the end it was agreed that she could stay with Lawrie. Samantha trained as a nurse in London and stayed there on qualifying, determined to never get married or have children. Kris Morris soon changed her mind on the marriage front and the children front has yet to be determined...
04 July 2006 @ 09:40 am
So now we have established the whyes & wherefores of how it all came to be we can move on, in a moving on kind of way.

1. There was nan (18?-1935 or 6, early dates are a little hazy) & there was grandda (18?-1916? killed in action in WWI anyway, possibly on the Somme, possibly not - I never did find out). And nan and grandda begat Janet (19?-43, zapped in an air raid whilst driving an ambulance) & Caroline - Aunt Carol (19?-1940, died as a result of childbirth).

2. Presumably then there were grandparentals on the other side that I know nothing about but they begat Jane (19?-1976, died of a sudden heart attack & probably a bit of old age thrown in for good measure), David (19?-1940, died during the Dunkirk evacuations) & Michael - Uncle Mike (19?-1946/7 - can't quite remember).

3. Janet met David at some point, they fell in love, got married and, well, not quite lived happily ever after but certainly procreated. Several times. Onethly there were twin boys who didn't survive. Then there was Rebecca Mary (1929-), Charlotte Louise (1930-), Elizabeth Jane (1931-), Harriet Anne (1932-), Bridget Sarah (1934-43, drowned at the docks) & George David (1935-7, I think, died of unspecified childhood illness).

4. Caroline met Charles (Uncle Charlie, 19?-1953 -give or take - died of pneumonia related complications) at some point in the mid 1930s, got married and tried to live happily ever after. Carol's death got in the way a bit and Charlie lost his leg in the Dunkirk evacuations and was never the same person he used to be again. In the meantime whilst they were living happily ever after they begat David Charles (1938-) & Carolie Mary (1940-).

5. Uncle Mike was married once and had two kids and IIRC they all died in the war. But I may be wrong and I prepare to stand corrected.

6. Aunt Jane. Ahh bless her. She started out as a bit of a "sour old handbag" (i can't remember who termed her that but it was jolly appropriate) and none too keen to take on Sharlie & co after mam got zapped in the air raid but she soon mellowed and her softer side began to creep through after Bridgie drowned at the docks. And after that she wasn't all that bad. She'd been in love once, but he'd gone of to fight in WWI and never came back, determined that it wouldn't happen again she resolved never to fall in love again. Well, until she met Rupert Graham anyway and got her happy ending :)
03 July 2006 @ 12:10 pm
A very good place to start so I'm told.

To begin with there was me. Quite useful really if you think about it. And there was the University of St Andrews SOML who get bored of students after two years and kick them out to far flung corners of the continent. Well France. Or Germany. Or Spain. Or Italy. Or Russia. clearly it depends on the language you're taking. Anyway, I went to France and there I met Carmel-from-Liverpool.

Upon my return to the Derbyshire wilderness and the land of the unemployed-and-unemployable I got very bored and one day decided to go and visit Carmel-from-Liverpool in Liverpool. And there I bought a print of four girls standing at the top of the street overlooking the industrial panorama and my little brain said somewhere there was a story behind that (how little I knew back then...).

Anyway, September rolled around after a summer of NHS-ing (Mutti coming up trumps on ye olde jobbe front) and I made my way back to the wild north of St Andrews and discovered the CBB in all it's glory, acquired a plot bunny and was drawn down into the murky world of drabbling.

Back in the Derbyshire wilderness the following summer and writing a very different drabble the print began to annoy me again and one day I thought "well, no one ever seemed to say that much abotu Sharlie Andrews and she always seemed jolly nice".

Arsity bugger, the rest, as they say, is history... and what was meant  to be a wee drabble to keep me occupied during Senior Honours is still plaguing me. Bah. So, here I will be expliquering who's who, who's what and a few other things beside. And there will be appearances from my dear twin, who came about because of this. That's the way it goes. Alas and indeed woe and all sorts of other things some might say.